Ryan Goodman

Ryan Goodman

Head Coach

Squat 375

Clean Jerk 255

Deadlift 415

Snatch 205

1mi 5:39


CrossFit Lv1

CrossFit Lv2

CrossFit Weightlifting

CrossFit Endurance

CrossFit Mobility

Fire Fighter/MedicDivision 1 Wrestler University WyomingNorfolk Catholic School Graduate 2002

About Coach

I’ve been involved in every kind of sport from a young age. It’s important to expose yourself to all kinds of things as you grow. I believe sport and fitness and community have molded me into the individual I am today. I was injured my sophomore year of college that cut my career short CrossFit and being a coach has allowed me to fill that void I was missing. I haven’t looked back since. My old injuries no longer hold me back. I’m able to share my experience and knowledge and that’s important to me as a coach in this sport

Turning Point

I think the turning point for me in my life was when I joined the Fire Department. I couldn’t maintain or sustain a lifestyle that did not hold health and wellness as a top priority if I was going to survive and thrive as a firefighter with the City of Norfolk.

Motivation & Passion

Coaching is a reward for me due to the fact that I get to meet new people every day. I get to help others do the thing they previously thought was impossible.

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